Kevin Burke                   “Bear Faced Cheek”

"Murder by Magic"

It is ten years since the sensational murder, onstage, of famous magician Alexandro Duval. His assistant, Beverley Mason, better known by her stage name Allessandra, was convicted and has served her time for the murder, and now returns to the room where all of Alex's illusions have been stored. But who is the mysterious stranger who accompanies her? And what is the secret that she has kept for all these years?

"Murder by Magic" is a full length stage show designed for small scale venues... a "whodunnit" with a magical twist suitable for all but the very young and featuring some classic magic and illusions.

Kevin Burke's Elements of Madness show

With a full set creating the atmosphere of a medieval torture chamber, and a pulsating soundtrack from Wider Recordings, this show gives you a full evening of entertainment combining the fun and spectacle of cabaret whilst retaining the thought-provoking and frankly disturbing nature of a theatre performance. Not suitable for younger children or the very squeamish!

Asylum Years: A Tom Waits Experience

A play with music centring on the lives of three misfits, drawn together by a late night bar and the love of one man and his music. A theatrical fairytale in two acts which will entrance anyone who loves the seedier side of the music business, and the words and music of one of our most extraordinary contemporary icons. Contains 16 songs performed live on stage.


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Toured 2004

Toured 1997/8

Toured 1999

"The True and Terrible History

Of John ‘Babbacombe’ Lee"

Set in a Victorian Sideshow, and based around the 1971 “concept”  album by Dave Swarbrick  and Fairport Convention, this new performance piece by Kevin Burke tells the story of the life of condemned murderer John Lee….  from his early life in poverty, his brief sojourn in the Navy, his entry into the service of Emma Keyse, his trial for her murder and subsequent attempted execution. Three times the lever was pulled, and three times the drop failed to work… was it luck, was it fate, or was it the hand of God that saved his life? And was he in fact, as he always claimed, innocent of the crime?

 Using Cabaret and Circus performance techniques, including specially commissioned aerial sequences, “The True and Terrible History…” brings Lee’s intriguing story vividly to life, complemented brilliantly by Swarbrick’s music, performed live on stage by renowned Folk band “Little Johnny England”.



Performed 2009

Knife and axe throwing Mind-boggling Illusions! Theatre shows for larger venues