Booking Conditions - Kevin Burke

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Kevin Burke Booking Conditions
a) The artist(s) will provide all necessary materials and equipment, unless specifically stated.              
b) The artist(s) will arrive in good time to be set and ready for the agreed starting time.
c) The artist(s) will provide their own Public Liability cover.
d) The artist(s) will provide evidence of an up-to-date DBS check, where required.
e) If the booking is for a children’s show (or workshop with children), there must be at least one other responsible adult in the room (or in the vicinity, if outside) with the artist(s) at all times.
f) The booker agrees to provide a suitable area for the show/workshop, with changing facilities if required.
g) The booker agrees to provide suitable car parking as close to the performance area/venue as possible.
h) The booker agrees to provide access to a 13amp electricity supply if required.
i) The booker agrees to provide suitable refreshments for the artist(s) where appropriate.
j) The booker agrees to provide suitable overnight accommodation for the artist(s) where applicable.
k) The artist will not hold the booker responsible for any loss or damage sustained whilst on the booker’s premises unless such loss or damage is caused by the negligence of the booker.
l) All deposit money paid is non-refundable.
m) Any booking to which these Terms & Conditions apply may not be cancelled unless either party gives to the other no less than 90 days prior notice in writing. Within 90 days, cancellation payments will apply as follows:
In the event of cancellation within 90 days of the event, the booker will be liable for payment of 50% of the agreed fee.                
In the event of cancellation within 30 days of the event, the booker will be liable for payment of the full
agreed fee.
n) No fee shall be payable if the engagement is suspended through circumstances beyond the control of the booker such as War, National mourning, Fire, Strike or Lockouts in the district directly affecting the venue or by reason of the Licensing or any other Public Authority having jurisdiction.
o) Provided that the booker pays to the artist his full agreed fee, (s)he may, without giving any reason, prohibit the whole or any part of the artist’s performance        
p) If the artist is unable to fulfil this engagement through illness or accident outside the artist’s control, he shall notify the booker immediately or as soon as is reasonably practicable.
q) We understand that any artist being perceptibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs whilst on the premises may be liable to instant dismissal.
r) The artist is not obliged to take part in any sound or television broadcast from the venue whether or not during a normal performance but if the artist agrees to any such broadcast he will be free to negotiate a separate fee which shall not be a lower sum than that agreed between British Actors’ Equity Association, the BBC and/or the Independent Television Companies, whose current appropriate agreement covering such an engagement will apply.
s) Notwithstanding anything contained in any Contract to which these Terms and Conditions apply, in the event that the council of Equity issues an instruction to its members to withhold their services under any contract of engagement, any Artist who complies with this instruction shall not be deemed to be in breach of Contract.
t) Any dispute arising between the booker and the artist in respect of this booking shall be referred to a joint arbitration committee comprising equal representation of the Organiser and of British Actors’ Equity Association plus an independent Chairperson mutually agreed to by both parties who, in the event of the committee being unable to reach a majority decision, shall have a casting vote. The decision of the joint arbitration committee shall be binding upon both parties. The joint arbitration committee shall have the power to award a sum either to the booker or to the artist not exceeding the artist’s fee and such further powers as shall be agreed between the booker and British Actors’ Equity Association. Neither party shall, in the event that the other party fails to act in accordance with the above, be precluded from proceeding to the Courts.  
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