Kevin Burke                   “Bear Faced Cheek”

Kevin Burke's

Juggling Japes and Jestering

Yes, the perfect antidote to the workaday world can be found with Kevin Burke, as he dons the motley and capers about in true medieval style!

Whether you're planning a massive corporate get-together or a small family gathering, Kevin will add that touch of insanity to any event, medieval-themed or otherwise.

“Walkabout” or “"mix and mingle"” Jestering can include juggling, stiltwalking, magic, or general buffoonery;

Static shows can include Axe throwing, bed of nails, walking on broken glass, ladder of swords, fire-eating, storytelling, or cabaret magic; or you could try Kevin's brand new show "Cheating the Hangman"– Medieval entertainment at it's best and featuring an 10 foot high Gallows!

Kevin has worked as a Jester character since 1990 when he first donned the cap and bells for “The Sheriff of Nottingham's Medieval Banquet”. Since then he has performed at medieval events all over the country.

Over the years he has been one of the regular jesters at Warwick Castle, and from 2004-2015 was the official jester to the town and county of Northampton. He also regularly appears as jester at Rockingham Castle.

Kevin is a proud member of the National Guild of Jesters !

Abington St., Northampton

Mayday, Castle Donington

Out with the old costume....

....and in with the new!

To book Kevin the Jester for your event, or to find out about any of Kevin’s other shows, please email or call 07971 250222

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