Kevin Burke                   “Bear Faced Cheek”

Shows for all venues!

"Magic, Mystery & Illusion"

A full or part evening's entertainment featuring some classic sideshow stunts such as the "bed of nails", along with the very best in magic and illusion... plus of course, plenty of help from the audience! This show is best suited to presentation on a stage with a cabaret atmosphere, but can be adapted for performance almost anywhere.

Kevin Burke's "Magical Partytime"

A special magic show for the younger age group. Featuring, as always, lots of audience participation, this show is the perfect way to keep your little darlings amused for an hour or so. Let the good times roll!

The Bag of P’s

Kevin’s latest one-man show is designed for indoor venues (village halls, arts centres or small theatre spaces) and provides a full evening of the very best in magical entertainment with a contemporary twist!

 Not only is every trick themed to the letter “P”, but all the tricks in this show are selected randomly by the audience!

So take a  dip into the Bag of P’s..... You never know what you’ll get!

To book any of Kevin’s shows, or to find out more information, please email or call 07971 250222

The Bed of Nails!

Having a smashing time with The Bed Of Nails

An illusionist relaxes....!

Latest show for small venues and village halls Taking time out before the show! Children's Party Magic Do you know a magic word? Abracadabra!